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Confused by the clutter in the supermarket laundry aisle, ever asked yourself are all these varieties of the same brand necessary?

We believe in making the best product possible, first time, so you don’t need separate products for top loaders, hot water, cold water wash, grey water or septic systems, low allergenic, suitable for black clothes, etc.

Perhaps if the multi-national retail brands did this they would only need a couple of spots on the shelf for size option... Hmmm, maybe that’s why they have such huge range options, to dominate space and limit brand choice? This might be why the laundry category in retail, worth over half a billion dollars, is over 95% dominated by multi national brands.

Not all powders dissolve totally in the wash, they leave nasty powder residues (fillers) that can affect your wash (white residue), your machine (they clog and corrode), even your health (fillers, petrochemical surfactants and synthetic perfumes are major triggers of bronchial and skin sensitivities).

The Euca range of products does NOT contain fillers or bulking agents, zeolites, sodium lauryl sulphate, enzymes, palm oil or petrochemical surfactants.

Simply the best for your clothes, your machine, and YOU!

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Check out the independent test from Lanfax laboratories for the blind test of 8 top selling brands, confirming that fillers make up to 25% of other powders.

Most of us know about the environmental effects of phosphates, but most of us don’t realise that salt (sodium sulphate) is in most cases more environmentally detrimental than phosphate. Euca has on average 35X less sodium sulphate (salt) than other brands of laundry powder.


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